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2017 Schedule of Conferences/ Workshops/ Seminars


Month CME Event
March 5 Joint Echocardiography & Vascular Imaging Workshop – Barbados
May 6 Nutrition for  Health Professionals (Non-nutritionists)  Seminar– Barbados
May 7 Nutrition for Fitness Professionals Workshop – Barbados
June 11 Considerations in Diabetes Medical Seminar– Barbados
June 22 Communication in Cancer Care – Barbados
June 24-25 Sexual & Reproductive Health Conference – Barbados
July 8 Medical Technology – Barbados
July 21 Syncope Seminar – Barbados
Sept 9 Women’s Health Medical Seminar – Barbados
Sept 15 Emergency Nursing & Trauma Care Seminar – Barbados
Sept 15-16 Trauma & Emergency Medicine Seminar & Workshop – Barbados
Sept 28 Diabetes Public Lecture – Trinidad
Sept 29-30 Multidisciplinary Diabetes Conference – Trinidad
Oct 1 Nutrition & Obesity Workshop – Trinidad
Oct 14-15 Midwifery Conference – Barbados
Oct 28-29 Heart Failure Conference – Barbados
Nov TBA Obesity Medical Seminar – Barbados
TBA Physical & Rehabilitative Medicine Seminar

Events are not limited to this list. Go to or for confirmed dates and programme information. Contact us to discuss sponsorship opportunities.