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Hibiscus Health Caribbean Inc. Event Listing – 2021

And we’re back!

Hibiscus Health Caribbean Inc. is pleased to announce our 2021 event listing. Most of our events will be online via Zoom with the exception of one or two. Some dates are to be confirmed but we have issued our preliminary schedule so that you can plan accordingly. CME credit will be awarded at all medical education events for health care professionals. Credits per event range from 3-6 credits, sometimes more. No credit will be awarded for public education events.

Our speakers include local, regional and international speakers with a special feature of West Indian medical professionals in the diaspora. Our events are interactive with case studies, break out rooms, clinical questions in lecture and more.

If you are a healthcare professional, our events are for you. Doctors, nurses, specialists of all kinds, dentists and allied health professionals are all welcome from Barbados and beyond. A special invitation is extended to our Caribbean health care professionals.

Do contact us if you have any questions or queries. Watch our spaces. Registration will open up around June 15.

25-Jul-213pm-6pmThe Ischemic FootAnatomy & physiology of diabetic PAD; Clinical presentations & diagnosis of PAD; Medical & Surgical management of PAD; Cardiology perspective. Presenters include local Diabetes Specialists; Cardiologists, Podiatrists.Online – ZoomBDS$60/ USD$30Healthcare professionals
22-Aug3pm-6pmMolecular Interventions in Cancer: Is Barbados Ready?Exploring how molecular studies impact cancer treatment, reducing the need for chemo, improving patient outcomes;  incorporating biogenetics into treatment; Presenters include Dr. Juliette Daniel, Prof of Molecular Studies, McMaster University; Dr. Kim Blenman, Research Scientist, Yale Univ; local Oncologists & Surgeons.Online-ZoomBDS$60/ USD$30Healthcare professionals
29-Aug3pm-6pmPaediatric NutritionChildhood Obesity Prevention -A Complex Dynamic- ● Pediatric Nutrition Guidelines – ● Nutrition Management in Type 1 Diabetes – ● Nutrition Guidelines For Obesity Management ● Psychosocial Considerations in pediatric NutritionOnline-ZoomBDS$60/ USD$30Healthcare professionals
12-Sep-213pm-6pmDentistry Meets MedicineExploring dental issues that arise in particular disease states. Topics include Cardiac Disease & Periodontal Disease, Chemotherapy & Radiation Therapy and Dentally Sound Teeth among othersOnline-ZoomBDS$60/ USD$30Healthcare professionals
19-Sep-213pm-6pmCardiovascular DiseaseTBAOnline-ZoomBDS$60/ USD$30Healthcare professionals
03-Oct-213pm-6pmMuscoloskeletal presentations in DiabetesA variety of musculoskeletal conditions have been associated with diabetes mellitus , including several disorders affecting the hands, such as limited joint mobility, stenosing flexor tenosynovitis, Dupuytren’s contractures, and diabetic sclerodactyly; the shoulders, such as frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis) and rotator cuff tendinopathy; disorders with a major neurologic component, including carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) and neuropathic arthropathy; and several other conditions.
These musculoskeletal problems are important to recognize because of their impact on quality of life, particularly as many respond to treatment, helping to prevent pain and disability.
Online-ZoomBDS$60/ USD$30Healthcare professionals
07-Oct-213pm-6pmWound CarePrevention, treatment, managing, dressing of various types of wounds. Presenters include Surgeons, Podiatric Surgeons, Wound Care Specialist Nurses, other health professionalsOnline-ZoomBDS$60/ USD$30Healthcare professionals
17-Oct4pm-6pmNovel Cancer Therapies: How & WhyExploring various new cancer treatments, mechanisms, improved patient outcomes and survival rates, how to access them etc. Guest presenters from the diaspora along with local oncologists and surgeonsOnline-ZoomFreePublic
24-Oct-213pm-6pmSexual and Reproductive HealthVarious topics in gynaecology and urology including adolescent gynaecology. Speakers include Dr. John Barker, OBGYN; Dr. Cortney Yarbrough, OBGYN and Dr. Paul Rouse, UrologistOnline-ZoomBDS$60/ USD$30Healthcare professionals
31-Oct-212pm-6pmCardiovascular Disease/ HypertensionTBAOnline-ZoomBDS$60/ USD$30Healthcare professionals
14-Nov-21TBAAnnual Oscar Jordan Medical SymposiumDiabetic Nephropathy – A New Paradigm of Understanding, hosted by the Barbados Diabetes FoundationOnline-ZoomFreeHealthcare professionals/ public
20-Nov-21TBAECG  WorkshopThe ECG Workshop addresses the needs of nurses, doctors and allied health professionals who encounter ECG monitoring and traces. Theoretical and practical workshops in ECG Interpretation are delivered by experienced cardiac professionals.In-personTBAHealthcare professionals
21-Nov-213pm-6pmTouch Ya Patient: Fundamentals of Physical ExaminationsPhysical examinations of the cardiovascular, respiratory, abdominal and neurological systems. Presentations by specialists and GPs.Online-ZoomBDS$60/ USD$30Healthcare professionals
28-Nov-21TBAAnnual Practical Insulin WorkshopInsulin profiles and regimens, insulin starts, sick day management; safe handling and administration etc. Presenters from the Diabetes Centre/ Barbados Diabetes FoundationIn-personTBAHealthcare professionals

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