About Us

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Hibiscus Health Caribbean Inc. is a health and wellness company specializing in health communications, health education and health network support. Our goal is to improve healthcare and knowledge in the Caribbean through the provision of quality medical education events and health communications solutions.  From conferences to CME coordination, public relations to publications, Hibiscus Health Caribbean Inc. is able to offer solutions and support, engaging health stakeholders at all levels. Choosing Hibiscus Health Caribbean Inc. means that you not only choose a quality service provider, but a company comprised of individuals who know about health issues in the Caribbean, the Diaspora and beyond. We offer various types of health promotions and marketing services to assist our clients in targeting the medical and general community in Barbados and the Caribbean. We also cater to the corporate sector and patient sectors, providing programmes and solutions to empower employees and patients to improve their health with a strong prevention focus.

Some of our services include:


  • Creation and Coordination of Continuing Medical Education Events
  • Health Event Coordination including:
  • Corporate Health and Wellness Programmes & Events
  • Mixers & Networking Sessions
  • Health Marketing and Promotions
  • Health Services & Product Promotion
  • Advertisements, Medical Classifieds
  • Network Development
  • Patient Education/ Empowerment Seminars
  • Special Projects


Hibiscus Health Caribbean Inc. is comprised of professionals with a wealth of experience in pharmaceutical sales and marketing, nutrition and food services management, rehabilitation therapy, health coaching, health education among other expertise.

Contact us to see how we can help to improve your health service, product or event!

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