BFPA’s Sexual & Reproductive Health Conference


The Barbados Family Planning Association presents its second annual medical conference on Sexual and Reproductive Health in the Caribbean. The goal of this conference is to provide an opportunity for information sharing of current sexual and reproductive health practices, psychosocial perspectives, patient considerations and barriers to care.  Topics explored include contraception, sexual assault, STIs, adolescent and transgender health and more. Guest speakers include MD candidates from the Quinnipiac University in Connecticut – Professors Kaitlin Renkosaiak, Devon Soucier and Zara Khan who will share on aspects of maternal mortality, prenatal counselling and contraception.

All health care providers, social workers, counsellors and other sexual & reproductive health stakeholders are invited to attend.


$175 – Physicians

$125 – Nurses & Allied Health

$100 – All Students (with ID)

Pre-register at:;; 269-253-9384; 269-6183

Payment:; AB Music Supplies, Sheraton; Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre; Origin Boutique, Limegrove or payment pick-up: 246 253-9384.


  •  To influence the knowledge, attitudes and beliefs of  health care providers in their practice of sexual and reproductive health interventions
  • To promote the standardization of sexual and reproductive health practices
  • To advocate for the use of evidence-based interventions in practice to ultimately improve patient care and outcomes
  • To explore current practices in the approach to gender and health

Draft Programme

8.30-8.45 Welcome Address BFPA Exec Dir
8.45-9 Opening Remarks PAHO* TBD
9.00-9.25 Contraception: Myths and Facts Dr. Tracy Archer, OBGYN
9.25-9.50 Management of 1st Trimester Abortion Dr. D. Marshall, Registrar, OBGYN, QEH
9.50-10.15 Post Abortion Care and Contraceptive options Dr. Alana Francis, Registrar, OBGYN, QEH
10.15-10.20 Q&A
10.20-10.30 Break
10:30-10:55 Prenatal Counselling in High Risk Pregnancies Kaitlin Renkosiak, MD Candidate, Quinnipiac University
10:55-11:20 Fertility Management for General Practice Dr. Damian Best, OBGYN
11:20-11:30 Q&A
11:30-11.55 HPV: A Review of Screening and Management Devon Soucier, MD Candidate, Quinnipiac University
11:55-12.20 Public Health STI Topic – TBA Rosanette Cooke, RN
12.20-12:30 Q&A
12.30-1.30 LUNCH
1:30-1.55 Sexual Assault Management Dr. Sandra Bynoe, OBGYN
1.55-2.20 HIV Pre and Post Exposure Prophylaxis Dr. Anton Best, SMOH, Ministry of Health
2.20-2.30 Q&A
2.30-2.55 Impact of Stigma on Key Populations Mr. Fabian Sargeant MPH
2.55-3.20 Transgender Health Dr. Walter Alleyne, GP
3.20-3.30 Q&A
    Working Break  
3.30-3.55 Adolescent Care: Medico-legal Issues Nailah Robinson, Attorney-At-Law
3.50-4.15 Recurrent Vulvovaginal Candidiasis Dr. Kamara Odle-Cummins, OBGYN
4.15-4.55 SRH, Relationships & Mental Health Janelle Chase-Mayers, Mental Health Professionals
4.55-5pm Closing Hibiscus Health Caribbean Inc.