Surgical Techniques for General Practitioners & Updates in Cancer Treatment

Surgical Techniques for General Practitioners & Updates in Cancer Treatment

Saturday, 13 April 2019, 1PM to 7.30PM

Bagnall Point Gallery, Pelican Village , St. Michael


The aim of this CME is to enhance the GP’s knowledge in the clinical and procedural skills required in the office setting and to inform on new techniques available for cancer treatment.

Target: Doctors, nurses, allied health professionals.


  • To familiarize GPs with common surgical presentations to decrease the rate of misdiagnosis and or delayed diagnosis.
  • To embolden GPs to surgically manage some of their cases
  • To refresh GPs on surgical intervention techniques
  • To recall skills in common office-based procedures
  • To inform on new techniques available for cancer treatment

Special Guest Presentation: Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS), Dr. Fernandez, Radiation Oncologist, Miami

Chairperson: Mr. Ian Lewis, General Surgeon

Draft Programme

Time Topic Speaker
1.00 Opening Remarks Chairperson
1.05 Common Surgical Presentations in a GP Office Dr. Danielle Reid, GP
1.35 Common Keratotic Lesions of the Foot Rosamund James, Podiatrist
2.05 Common Anal & Rectal Complaints in the Office Dr. Ian Lewis, Surgeon
2.35 Common Causes of Abdominal Pain/ Abdominal Masses Dr. Lynda Williams, GP
3.05 Break  
3.35 Wound Care: Best Practices Alison Norville, Wound Care Nurse
4.05 Nuclear Medicine in Office Dr. Andrew Porte, Nuclear Physicist
4.35 Local Anaesthetic Use & Mis-Use Dr. Adrian Waterman Anaesthetist
5.05 Common Skin Lesions including Sebaceous Cysts, Folliculitis Dr. Bhamjee, Dermatologist
5.35 Interesting Cases: Radiology Dr. Latha, Radiologist
6.05 Interesting Cases: Surgery Dr. Ian Lewis, General Surgon
6.35 Current Situation: Cancer in Barbados

Haematological Updates

Dr. Chris Nicholls, Haematologist
7.05 Guest Presentation Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS) Dr. Eduardo Fernandez, Radiation Oncologist


7.30 End of Event  




BDS$180 – Physicians

BDS$$130 – Nurses & Allied Health

BDS$75 – Students


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