Timely Referral: Early Intervention & Preventative Care in Diabetic Foot

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“Timely Referral: Early Intervention & Preventative Care in Diabetic Foot”

Tuesday, 29 May 2018


Diabetes Centre, Warrens, St. Michael



Event description: This medical education event will look at improving foot care and preventing ulceration through appropriate care, advice management and timely referral to the appropriate care providers. Spa technicians are key partners in the timely referral process. Although not medical professionals, spa & beauty professionals often have the opportunity to handle feet quite frequently, and if trained appropriately can play an integral part in timely referral and prevention of ulcers and other foot complications.


Guest Presenter: Dr. Valerie Baskerville, DPM, Alabama

Local presenters: Dr. Diane Brathwaite, Diabetologist; Paula Walcott, Orthotist; Amor Forde, Podiatrist; Toni Pickering, Podiatrist


Who should attend: Doctors, nurses, allied health professionals, spa & beauty therapists, other interested persons.


Topics include:

Overview of The Diabetic Foot Pathology and Screening: Screening Exam (Practical) and Common Foot anomalies, Toni Pickering, Podiatrist

Biochemanics of the Diabetic Foot, Amor Forde, Podiatrist

The Role of the Orthotist, Paula Walcott, Orthotist

The Diabetic Foot in the Beauty Clinic, Jennifer Husbands-Browne, Local Aesthetician

Best Practices & Timely Referral in the Spa Setting: Dialogue Between the Podiatrist & Spa Technician, Dr. Baskerville & Jennifer Husbands-Browne,  Aesthetician

Overview of Diabetic Foot Care and Guidelines for Referral in an American practice, Dr. Valerie Baskerville, DPM


$50 – All participants

$25 – Student participants with ID

Pre-register: www.hibiscushealthcaribbeanevents.eventbrite.com



Origin Boutique, Limegrove, St. James

Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre, St. Michael

A&B Music Supplies, Sheraton, Christ Church

Payment Pick Up: Nicole – 253-9384 (call or text)



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