Women’s Health Medical Conference Oct 28-29, 2017

Annual Women’s Health Medical Conference – Barbados

“From Prenatal to Postpartum”

The Mount Restaurant, UWI Cave Hill, Barbados

Saturday Oct 28 to Sunday Oct 29, 2017



Health is one of the most important areas in which women encounter risks that are different from those faced by men, and they have a central role both in health services as well as in their communities and families. Of fundamental and extreme urgency are 1) maternal mortality and adolescent pregnancy and 2) Access to sexual and reproductive health. (Michelle Bachelet former Executive Director of UN Women, at the “Women, Health and Development conference in Asunción, Paraguay, 12 December 2011.)

The annual women’s health medical conference provides an opportunity to focus on women’s health issues in Barbados, the Caribbean and beyond. The health of women determines the health of the nation and special attention must be given to maternal health.

Pregnancy care consists of prenatal (before birth) and postpartum (after birth) healthcare for expectant mothers. It involves treatments and trainings to ensure a healthy pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, and labor and delivery for mom and baby.

Postpartum care is an important determinant of quality health care outcomes for women giving birth. Since medical complications can occur after a woman has given birth, postpartum visits can address any adverse effects that giving birth had on a woman’s body, such as persistent bleeding, inadequate iron levels, blood pressure, pain, emotional changes, and infections. For example, heavy bleeding can be an indicator of a retained placenta, uterine atony, lacerations, hematoma, or coagulation disorders.

This CME will explore the broad spectrum of prenatal to post-partum care and will include a mixture of lectures and workshops on topics including:

Physicians, nurses, midwives and allied health professionals are welcome to attend this event. CPE credit will be available.


Saturday, Oct 28, 2017 9AM-430PM

Draft Programme 

Time Topic Speaker
9am Opening remarks  
  Current situation: Prenatal to Postpartum –A public health perspective Vickie Blackman, RN, Senior Health Sister, MOH
915 Obesity and female fertility Dr. Damien Best, OBGYN
945 Use of ultrasound in obstetrics Dr. Natisha Robinson, OBGYN
1015 Water Birth: Evidence-based Andrea Jordan, Midwife
1100 Break  
1115 Analgesia/anesthesia in labour


TBA, Anaesthetist
1145 Pelvic floor after birth


Jasmine Evelyn, Physiotherapist
1200 Neonatal resuscitation


TBA, Paediatrician


1245 LUNCH  
1400 Postpartum depression


Dr. Nya Maughn, Psychiatrist
1430 Your customer as a client


Dawn Lovell, Customer Service Coach

Obstetric emergency: Massive postpartum hemorrhage



Sunday, 29 October 2017 9AM-430PM

Draft Programme


Time Topic


900 Respectful maternity care

(nurse and mother’s perspective)


945 Adolescent pregnancy ad perinatal outcomes


Dr. Cortney Yarbrough, OBGYN
1030 Nutrition and pregnancy


Karen Griffith, Nutritionist
1100 Alternative birthing positions


Dr. Nicole Durham, OBGYN
1145 Intrapartum fetal monitoring


Dr. Tracy Archer, OBGYN
1245 LUNCH  
1345 The road to grief recovery: A medical professional guide to managing grief related to fetal loss and neonatal death Janelle Chase-Mayers, Certified Grief Counsellor
1430 Risk management in Obstetrics



Group B neonatal sepsis

Dr. Gillian Birchwood, Paediatrician
1530 – 1630 Workshop:

Cord prolapse





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