Free Medical Seminar: The Management of Female Genital System Cancers”

The Barbados National Registry and the Ministry of Health presents their 11th Annual Medical Seminar on “The Management of Female Genital Systems Cancers” on Oct 22, 2015, 1.30PM-5.00PM at the 3W’s Pavilion, UWI, St. Michael. Sponsored by the Barbados Cancer Society, the seminar will feature presentation by a range of medical and health specialists covering research, testing, surgical and non-surgical treatment of female genital system cancers. This seminar is free of cost to all participants, and health professionals attending will be offered CPE credit. Space is limited so pre-registration is necessary. Register at or call the BNR at 426-6416 or the BNR Hotline at 256-4BNR. Registration closes on Oct 20, 2015.

Seminar Programme

“Management of Female Genital System Cancers”

 Chairperson:   Dr. Kenneth George, Acting Chief Medical Officer




Chair and Welcome


Dr. K George



Treatment of Female Genital System Cancers


1:35-2:05pm Uterine Tumours/Womb Cancers Dr. V Chatrani
2:05-2:35pm Non-Surgical Management of Female Genital System Cancers       Mr. P Gilkes


Prevention of Female Genital System Cancers


2:35-3:05pm Cancer in Barbados: 2008 data                                                         


Mrs. T Martelly


3:05-3:35pm HPV Genotype in the Barbadian Population Mrs. J Ward
3:35-3:45pm Cervical Cancer Prevention Activities in the Public Service Dr. K Broome


3:45-4:55pm Panel Discussion : ‘’The USA and the UK are moving away from using cervical Pap smear cytology for primary screening, to the use of HPV DNA test/genotyping. Discuss the pros and cons if Barbados was to adopt this direction.’’



Vote of Thanks


Prof. P Prussia


5:00pm Refreshments




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