Stroke Workshop Oct 25, 2015, 12.30-6.30PM

International World Stroke Day Workshop 2015

Sunday, 25 October 2015


Courtyard Marriott Hotel

Registration: BDS$125 – Physicians; BDS75 – Allied Health; BDS$50.00 – Students

Special Guest Speaker Dr. Andre Douen, Neurologist from Canada will be exploring Functions of the Brain in Relation to Stroke and Common Signs and Symptoms of Stroke Syndromes. Local Physician and Stress Management Consultant Dr. Alexine Jackman, will be looking at the challenges Health Care Providers face while caring for the patient with stroke. Other feature presentations will be from specialists in Research, Paramedics, Nursing, Occupational and Physical Therapy. A special patient perspective on “Living Young With Aphasic Stroke” will be given by a young woman living with just that. Health Professionals of all types are invited to attend.

Draft Agenda: Neurological Effects of Stroke

12.00-12.30PM                 Registration

12.30-12.40                         Welcome and introductions

12.40 – 1.20                        Functions of the Brain in Relation to Stroke, Dr.  Andre Douen, Neurologist

1.20-1.50                              Common Signs and Symptoms of Stroke Syndromes, Dr. Andre Douen

1.50-2.20                              Neurological Evaluation on the Road – EAS Paramedic Officer

2.20-3.20                              Lunch

3.20-3.50                              A&E to Discharge, a Critical Pathway – Prof David Corbin

3.50-4.20                              Stress management for HCP’s whilst caring for a Stroke Patient – Dr Alexine Jackman, GP/ Stress Management Consultant

4.20-4.50                              Critical pathway case study – To Be Announced, HSFB Physician

4.50-5.20                              Living Young with an Aphasic stroke – Tracia-Ann Jessemy, Patient

5.20-5.50                              Stroke rehab from hospital to home – Tarah Towler, Physiotherapist

5.50-6.20                              The BNR and data collection – Tanya Martelly, Director, Barbados National Registry

6.20-6.30                              Closing Remarks

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