Free Lecture: Childhood Obesity – Essential Tips to Understanding, Managing & Preventing


The Barbados Diabetes Foundation in association with the Diabetes Association of Barbados present:

 “Childhod Obesity: Essential Tips to Understanding, Managing and Preventing”


Presentation & Interactive Discussion by:

Helene Charlebois, Canadian Nutrition Coach, Registered Dietitian and Obesity Specialist

 Friday, 20 November 2015, 530PM-730PM, Diabetes Centre, Warrens, St. Michael

(behind the Eunice Gibson Polyclinic)


The rate of childhood obesity in children 0-4 years in the Eastern Caribbean doubled from 7.4% – 14.8% between 2000-2010?

 Obese children are more likely to be ill, absent from school due to illness, experience health-related limitations and require more medical care than normal weight children.

 Overweight and obese children are more likely to become obese adults, and have a higher risk of disease, disability and premature death.

 Come out and learn more about the health risks of childhood obesity, Proper Nutrition, Creating healthy meals for children and other measures to reduce the impact of this epidemic.

Parents, Teachers, Caregivers, Nursery Care Professionals are especially invited to attend.

The General Public is welcomed.

Free Event! Space is limited! RSVP: or

call 417-5980



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