Women’s Health Conference Review


Full House:  Medical professionals taking in some of the presentations at the Women’s Health Medical Conference on September 10.

3Ws Pavilion, UWI Cave Hill-Doctors, specialists and allied health professionals attended the 21st Century Oncology’s Women’s Health Medical Conference which focused on female health issues like Poly cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, infertility, podiatry and psychology.

Morning Session

After the special address from the Director of Barbados Family Planning Association, Ms. Juliette Bynoe-Sutherland, Chairman, Dr. Vikash Chatrani gave his presentation on “Understanding PCOS”, causes and treatment of polycystic ovaries.

His session was followed by Dr. Niraj Mehta who gave a comprehensive presentation on functional medicine, the harmful effects of a sedentary lifestyle on overall health and the various way to manage non-communicable disease by treating it holistically rather than using conventional medicine alone.

His American colleague, Dr. Robert Paresi in his presentation “Advances in Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery” looked at the latest in reconstructive surgery for patients with breast cancer.  He explained that patients wanted a more natural appearance when it came to breast enhancements and reconstructive surgery.  Dr. Paresi showed the importance of placing implants “under the muscle” rather over it which often caused complications for some patients. In breast cancer patients he highlighted the fact that “50 percent of patients had lost their implant due to infection”.




Dermatologist, Dr. Andrew Forde giving his presentation on “Bleaching in Barbados-Medical Concerns”.

Evening Session

The conference had a brief break and Q& A before Dr. Andrew Forde’s session on Bleaching in Barbados.  His enlightening session gave a graphic display into the world of bleaching.  Dr. Forde explained can be permanent damage to the skin when patients abuse harsh chemicals and steroids to achieve lighter skin.

Dr. Forde explained that persons were using bleach, hydrogen peroxide, hydroquinone and corticosteroids which could lead to scarring, excessive hair growth, liver damage, dark, cracked skin and numbness.   Other topics discussed were contraception and NCDs with gynaecologist, Dr. Tracey Archer and an interesting presentation on pelvic floor dysfunction during pregnancy.

The Conference ended with podiatrist, Simone McConnie who spoke about “Common Podiatric Issues in Women” and Psychiatrist, Dr. Nya Maughn who focused on the topic of empathy as an effective communication Health tool.



Chairperson of the Women’s Conference: Gynaecologist, Dr. Vikash Chatrani preparing to introduced American Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon, Dr. Robert Paresi (face partial hidden) to the podium, beside him is Dr. Niraj Mehta who specialises in radiation oncology.



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