International Stroke Day Workshop 2016

The Heart & Stroke Foundation of Barbados is pleased to present the International Stroke Day Workshop 2016 on Saturday 22 October 2016 at the Henry Fraser Lecture Theatre, 9AM-3.15PM. Under the World Stroke Day Theme “Face The Facts: Stroke is Treatable – Lives Can Improve With Better Awarweness, Action & Access”, the workshop is designed  to address key aspects of prevention, treatment and rehabilitation to show that lives can improve with better awareness, access and action.


Professor Stephen L. Firsing from Coastal Carolina University is the featured speaker and will be delivering a presentation entitled “A New Framework: Family Quality of Life”. Stroke and cardiac events not only affect an individual, they affect their family. As a result, family-level outcomes are important to measure during all stages of recovery. A new framework, Family Quality of Life, was recently developed to provide a subjective, holistic understanding of what all members of a family unit need to live their best life, together. This presentation will explain the foundations of the new framework, and how it may be applied to a family with a member that survived a stroke or cardiac event.

Local presenters include a multidisciplinary line up of health professional, all key to the management of stroke in the areas of mental health, occupational therapy, physiotherapy and more. Presentations will be given by Dr. Dawn Scantlebury, Interventional Cardiologist; Sister Christine King from the Stroke Unit at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Melanie Buge, Occupational Therapist. Janelle Chase Mayers, Family Therapist and others. Tracie-Ann Jessamy, Stroke Survivor will be sharing her experience of “Surviving Stroke” – living proof that stroke is treatable.

Interested health professionals can pre-register for this event at Payments can be made at the Heart & Stroke Foundation, Jemmotts Lane on or before Oct 20 to secure early registration pricing. On-site registration and payment will be available.

Programme – 9.00AM-3.15PM

CPE Hours:  5 hrs, 20 mins

Chairpersons: Professor David Corbin and Mrs. Gina Pitts, CEO, HSFB

Order Time Topic Speaker
  9.00-9.15 Opening Remarks – Setting the Stage: Stroke in Barbados Prof David Corbin,

Consultant neurologist



9.15-10.00 A New Framework: Family Quality of Life Professor Stephen Firsing, Coastal Carolina University
  10.00-10.25 Post Stroke Physical Rehabilitation – From the Hospital to Home Tarah Towler, Physiotherapist
  10.25-10.50 In-Hospital Treatment & Care Christine King, RN – Stroke Unit, QEH
  10.50-11.05 Discussion  
  11.05-11.30 Transitioning from the Hospital & Reducing Re-admission Melanie Buge, Occupational Therapist
  11.30-11.50 Surviving Stroke Tracie-Ann Jessamy, Stroke Survivor
  11.50-12.00 Discussion  
  12.00-12.40 Lunch  
  12.40-1.05 Alternative Treatment Modalities for Stroke Janice Chin, Natural Therapist
  1.05-1.30 Stroke & Cardiac Rehabilitation Gina Pitts, RN NP
  1.30-2.00 Mental Health, Exercise & Stroke Janelle Chase-Mayers, Family Therapist/ CrossFit Coach
  2.00-2.30 Acute Stroke Management Dr. Babatunde Oredein, Senior Registrar, Emergency Medicine, QEH
  2.30-3.00 Hypertension, Atrial Fibrilation & Stroke Dr. Dawn Scantlebury
  3.00-3.15 Discussion/ Closing Remarks Gina Pitts CEO

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