Free Nutrition Webinar – Nov 7, 2016


Please join this exciting FREE webinar hosted at the Nutrition Academy Virtual site with Helene Charlebois, Registered Dietitian in Ottawa! See below for details:

Keep Your Client’s Nutrition on Track This Holiday Season
With 11 weight management strategies… that actually work!


NOV 7, 2016 // 12:00PM EST

You will learn:
  • How to set realistic behavioural holiday goals with your clients -that are proven to work
  • How practical nutrition strategies can still have your clients enjoying the holiday season – without guilt!
  • How to manage clients motivation and will power – with strategies that help to curb holiday calorie intake
  • PLUS! Live Q&A – with Helene – you don’t want to miss it!
BONUS: Get Helene’s Holiday Healthy Handout she uses with her clients for staying on track over the holiday season, and Client Commitment Contract she uses with clients to improve success!

About Helene:
Bilingual Nutrition Coach
Presenter, Writer & Media Spokesperson
She is a Nutrition Influencer!
Hélène Registered Dietitian-Nutrition Consultant in Ottawa with over 25 years experience in helping patients/clients improve their health, at any age, shape or size.
Her clients call her their ‘health coach’, helping them achieve personal lifestyle beliefs.
She offers workshops across Canada and Barbados entitled Waisting Away, teaching other healthcare professionals her weight management strategies for successful healthy weights.
Many food companies seek Hélène’s expertise to be a product spokesperson for TV (check her out on YouTube), not to mention being a nutrition expert to radio, magazines, newspapers, podcasts, webletters, and various Government agencies.


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