Nutrition for Non-Nutritionists & Fitness Professionals – May 6 & 7

Hibiscus Health Caribbean is pleased to welcome back Helene Charlebois, Canadian Registered Dietitian, Nutrition and Obesity Expert to our shores to present “Nutrition for Non- Nutritionists” and “Nutrition for Fitness Professionals” on May 6 and May 7, 2017. Pre-register at for Non-Nutritionists (Health Care Professionals) Flyer May 6th (1)

Nutrition for Non-Nutritionists – Seminar & Workshop

May 6,  2017 Conference Room, Sky Mall, Haggatt Hall, 1.00-6.30pm

This seminar event is designed for health professionals whom are not experts in nutrition and/or weight management but work with people who would benefit from such interventions. In countries like Barbados and the Caribbean in general where many people suffer from chronic non-communicable diseases such as obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol knowledge of food and nutrition interventions which are scientific and evidence based is critical to making an impact in each patient’s lives. Together, with multi-disciplines involved in patient care, we can make a difference. Stronger together!

Do you work in the healthcare field but are not a nutrition expert? There is so much confusion about food and nutrition in our society today. Come join us to learn about the “who, what, where, when & how” of the nutrition world facilitated by Registered Dietitian & Nutrition Influencer Helene Charlebois (

Draft Programme:

Time Topic
1.00-1.10 Introductions
1.10-2.30 1.                  Why do we eat?

–          Current trends in nutrition

2.                  Nutrition Fundamentals

–          Let’s start at the beginning: vitamins and minerals and the likes

3.                  Food First!!!!

–          Reliance on pills and potions?

–          What about food?

4.                  Evidence-based nutrition: Facts, Fiction & Food


2.30-3.00 Break
3.00-4.30 5.                  Evidence-based nutrition: Facts, Fiction & Food

6.                  Weight management: Practical hands-on tools and strategies to help you help your patient make changes


4.30-4.45 Break
4.45-6.00 7.                  Protein and the latest in research: how much is too much?

8.                  Controlling co-morbidities with Nutrition

9.                  Work Session: Take action

10.              Mind, Mood and Your Food

11.              Nutrition & Immunity


6.00-6.30 12.              Putting it all into practice


Nutrition for Fitness Professionals & Enthusiasts May 7th Flyer (4)

Nutrition for Fitness Professionals & Enthusiasts

May 7,  2017 Conference Room, Sky Mall, Haggatt Hall, 1.00-6.30pm

This workshop is geared toward all professionals involved in fitness and health and fitness ie: personal trainers, physiotherapists, chiropractors, wellness coaches, kinesiologists, exercise physiologists, dance instructors (all types), gymnastic enthusiasts, Physical Education teachers and other professionals of similar types.

Training professionally or assisting a client in getting fit or losing weight requires nutrition knowledge and practices which are scientifically researched and proven to improve performance.

Programme – “Nutrition for Fitness Professionals & Enthusiasts”


Time Topic Speaker
1.00-1.05 Introductions  
1.05-1.30 Current Situation: Movement, Fitness, Sports, Nutrition Dr. Rene Best, Sports Medicine Specialist
1.30-2.30 Why Do We Eat Helene Charlebois, RD
Nutrition 101: The Fundamentals
Food, Facts & Myths: Wading through health claims, food labels and consumer information

–           Is sugar really that bad?

–           What about coconut oil?

–           Current trends in nutrition

2.30-3.00 Break/ Sponsors’ Exhibits
3.00-4.00 Weight management

– Diets 101, Pills and Potions, What works and what does not

– Fundamentals of weight management

– Balancing carbs and proteins

– Effective quick and easy tools for you to have results with your clients lose weight and keep it off

4.00-4.45 How to improve performance:

– Science and Nutrition

– Protein needs: what does the science tell us

– Supplementation – Creatine, Taurine, energy booster and more –  what works

Helene Charlebois, RD

Dr. Rene Best, Sports Medicine Specialist

4.45-5.00 Break/ Sponsors’ Exhibits  
5.00-6.15 Are you giving your client the right information? Helene Charlebois, RD


Nutrition in various types of training
The client with Diabetes, Hypertension, High Cholesterol
Obesity: how to truly make a difference in helping your client achieve a healthy weight
6.15-6.30 Best Practices: what actually works for you?




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