Communication in Cancer Care June 22

Communication In Cancer Care Flyer (1)

Understanding how to optimize the communication process between patients/family and the health care delivery team is essential to our goal of reducing the burden of cancer.

This CME will explore various aspects of communication in cancer care and will feature Miami-based Radiation Oncologist Dr. Sophia Edwards-Bennett and local health care providers.

About the Guest Speaker

Dr. Sophia Edwards-Bennett (known by her patients as Dr. EB) is board certified in

Radiation Oncology. She is passionate about patient care and believes that every patient is special and unique. Her philosophy is that when patients, their spouses and family members entrust their lives into her hands, she should summon all her zeal, knowledge and expertise to unreservedly render the best care to all her patients. She has authored multiple articles; is co-chair of the SCCA Breast Committee, and serves on the Editorial Board of the Journal of SCMA, the South Carolina Cancer Control Advisory Committee (CCAC) and the American College of Radiation Oncology (ACRO) Membership Committee.

This programme is valid for 3-Credits from the Barbados Nursing Council. Credit from the Barbados Medical Council is pending.


530-540           Opening Remarks

5.40-6.20         Current Situation – A review of challenges and opportunities in Barbados, Dr. June Clarke, Oncologist, Barbados

6.20-7.20       Diary of a Cancer Patient: Communications during the Journey -from Diagnosis to Treatment and Beyond”  , Dr. Sophia Edwards-Bennett, Radiation Oncologist, 21st Century Oncology, USA

7.20-7.35        Break/ Refreshments

7.35-8.15        Misinformation, Miscommunications & Misconceptions, Lisa Dodson, RN & Virginia Broome, RN, QEH, Barbados

8.15-8.45        Medical Family Therapy: The Integrated Care Model of Illness and Family Care, Janelle Chase-Mayers, Creative Systemic Therapist, PHD Candidate in Marriage & Family Therapy, ULM, Barbados

8.45-9.00       Discussion


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