Dr. Alison Bernard Guest Speaker at Sexual & Reproductive Conference June 24-25, 2017




Her Topic: Breastfeeding

Dr. Alison Bernard is of President of the charity, Breastfeeding And Child Nutrition Foundation Of Barbados (BCNF). She founded the charity along with two other colleagues in early 2015 and they became a registered charity in May 2015.

The charity has 11 members made up of doctors, lawyers, nutritionists, nurses, accountants. All women but they would love to recruit some men as breastfeeding affects us all. Their mandate is the promotion, protection and support of breastfeeding as well as to provide practical evidenced based information on nutrition to parents, with an aim to decreasing the NCDs epidemic in Barbados which has begun to grip our children.

They provide support through one on one breastfeeding counseling sessions, as well as provide educational information at their sessions at QEH twice a month. The group is helping to create policy which they hope will make real change for mothers making it easier for them to initiate and maintain breastfeeding. By creating breastfeeding campaigns and engaging with mass media they hope to bring awareness of the lesser known benefits of breastfeeding including its positive effect on intelligence and decreasing the incidence of NCDs.


Take a look at her story on nation news website


Look for the charity BCNF on Facebook



Interesting video on the correct way to feed your baby. Breastfeeding 101




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