Sexual & Reproductive Health Conference Speaker- Helen Knox


Committed to Educating others About Sexual Health

Founder of SEXplained -Helen Knox

Described by the Nursing Times in 2004 as a courageous innovator, Helen qualified as a Registered Nurse in 1978 at Westminster Hospital, London, before working as a Senior Staff Nurse at St Thomas’ Hospital A&E Dept, London, where she was ‘on duty’ on the night of The Brixton Riots.

She later qualified as a District Nursing Sister and worked in different parts of Kensington and Chelsea, West London. However, she developed a keen interest in well woman’s health. For over 20 years, she has worked in the field of contraception and sexual health, in different parts of London, and has always enjoyed teaching other people about her speciality.

From 1991-2001 she was the UK’s first Outreach Clinical Nurse Specialist in Contraception and Sexual Health and worked ‘on the streets’ in south London. In 1994 she was a finalist in the Nursing Times/3M National Nursing Awards for Innovation in Nursing and Midwifery for exceptional work in expanding the outreach work related to Family Planning and Sexual Health.

Helen has extensive experience in teaching contraception and sexual health to the public as well as her own profession. In 1999, she founded and now works for Sexplained Ltd but has worked in Family Planning Clinics and taught in men’s prisons, homeless hostels, drug agencies, probation centres, schools, colleges, civic centres and to sex workers – as well as Schools of Nursing and Universities.

She has frequently appeared on live phone-in shows on radio and also TV, here in the UK, and overseas. (click for media appearances)

Her teaching style is uniquely open and frank – with no holds barred. She keeps to the medical perspective when teaching, leaving the moral and other wider issues to the Church and others. At no time has she ever promoted underage sex or sexual activity – indeed the opposite – from a legally and medically reasoned perspective. SEXplained… The Uncensored Guide to Sexual Health, Helen’s highly acclaimed first book, published in 1995, covers all the issues relating to sexually transmitted infection and is also written specifically for the public.

In this, her first book in the SEXplained…® series, she pioneers teaching safer sex from the hepatitis prevention viewpoint, rather than the HIV angle, since it is a bigger threat than AIDS.

Medical photographs are reproduced in colour to illustrate, with chilling effect, some increasingly common infections that reinforce her message – and to stimulate discussion.

Since 1995, Helen has appeared frequently on television, given regular radio interviews and taken part in radio phone-ins. She is also a regular contributor to publications reaching a wide cross-section of target audiences.


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