No More Sugar Coating! Diabetes Public Lecture – Sept 19, 2017

The Barbados Drug Service in collaboration with Abbott Nutrition presents: “No More Sugar Coating – Dispelling the Myths About Diabetes” a free interactive public lecture on Tuesday, 19 September 2017 at the Sir Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre.

NO MORE SUGER Diabetes Flyer FINAL (WEB) 4

The lecture will address various myths and misconceptions about diabetes and highlight the multidisciplinary treatment needed to mitigate the condition. Featured speakers include local Diabetes Specialist Dr. Carlisle Goddard who will kick off the evening’s presentations followed by Clinical Pharmacist Trudy Griffith, who is also President of the Diabetes Association of Barbados. Registered Dietitian Meshell Carrington will highlight the nutritional aspects often misunderstood and Trinidadian Kidney Specialist Dr. Emile Mohammed will discuss the many renal issues that present as a complication of uncontrolled diabetes. The linkages between diabetes, nutrition, medication and the kidney will be highlight showing how each and one is interlinked.

Understanding diabetes is key to managing it. Understanding the role of medication and the importance of compliance in controlling blood sugar is integral to successful diabetes management and reducing risk of complications. In a country like Barbados where obesity, inactivity and poor dietary choices are prevalent, the role of nutrition is paramount to controlling and preventing diabetes. Nutrition is often misunderstood as it is often thought, for example, that avoiding foods with “sugar” or “sweet foods” means avoiding diabetes or avoiding a spike in blood glucose.  But what is sugar? Do only “sweet foods” contain sugar? With all this misunderstood, with myths abound, complications are likely to arise. Kidney failure is one of those complications. What’s the mechanism? What’s the process? What’s potassium got to do with it? These issues and more will be discussed at this free public education session.

Pre-lecture activities include health checks by the Diabetes Association of Barbados and the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Barbados with diabetes education by the Diabetes Centre of the Barbados Diabetes Foundation. Abbott Nutrition will be doing product sampling and giveaways, with a special feature of its “Glucerna” drink, used in the management of diabetes. The pre-lecture activities start at 530pm and the lectures start at 7pm and end at 830pm. Free transportation will be provided by the Barbados Transport Board to the Princess Alice and Fairchild Street Bus Terminals.

All are invited to attend.

More information contact event coordinators Hibiscus Health Caribbean Inc. –, 246-269-6183/ 253-9384.

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