A look at the Speakers at the “No More Sugar Coating” Event September 19 LESC

On September 19, 2017 -At the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre (LESC), there will be the following speakers.

Dr. Carlisle Goddard, Endocrinologist


Source: The Health Caribbean Coalition

Dr. Carlisle Goddard is one of the leading endocrinologists in the region.  He has dedicated his life to assisting his patients with diabetes and through his social club Lions Club of Barbados, he has been active in initiating programmes to tackle the impact of obesity among the country’s youth.


Emile Mohammed, Nephrologist


Source: The Dialysis Clinic

Dr Emile Mohammed is the consultant nephrologist and Head of Nephrology services at the island’s tertiary care hospital, the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, and is responsible for all aspects of clinical care at The Dialysis Clinic (Barbados). He is internationally trained and the depth of his renal training ranges from King’s College Hospital, London to the Royal Perth Hospital, Western Australia. He has over 15-years experience with haemodialysis.

Meshell Carrington, Clinical Dietitian



Source: Surgical Solutions

Meshell Carrington is a clinical dietitian at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.  On a daily basis she oversees patients with common Non communicable diseases such as diabetes.  Read about her role as a clinical dietitian below.



Trudy Griffith, Clinical Pharmacist


Source: The Health Caribbean Coalition

Current President of the Diabetes Association of Barbados, Griffith has been an advocate of healthier lifestyles as the numbers of persons diagnosed with diabetes continues to rise.  This year, the President in a public address revealed a fifth of the population in Barbados (50,000 people) is living with diabetes.










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