Nutrition and Fertility

Nutrition and Fertility

For those women who are at that stage that they want to start a family, it is important to know about how to give your body the best nutrition to conceive.

Unfortunately, many women do not have the best diet as they usually eat a diet full of processed food which consists of fat, sugar, caffeine and alcohol. When you have decided to have a baby, it will be important to focus on foods which have a high nutritional value and provide the necessary vitamins and minerals needed to ensure a good pregnancy. These changes also have to be adopted by your partner to produce healthy sperm. Therefore, habits such as smoking tobacco and marijuana should be prohibited.

Get a Nutritional Diet

For a healthy baby, it is important to eat as clean as possible. Women should eat natural food sources such as green vegetables, fruits, whole grains, lean protein such as low mercury fish and calcium enriched foods such as milk, cheese and yogurt. Foods high in zinc, iron and folic acid should be included as well. Processed foods, smoked and raw meat should be avoided.

Limited the Caffeine

Once a woman becomes pregnant, certain foods and drinks should be avoided. While the fetus is developing, doctors will advise women to stop the consumption of recreational drugs, alcohol and caffeine. Although controversial, some studies have shown that some women who were pregnant had a miscarriage due to high consumption of caffeine (NHS). However, many of these women had several risk factors such as being older, drinking alcohol or had a miscarriage in the past.

Maintain Healthy Weight

In addition to having a well balanced diet, taking the necessary vitamins and avoiding toxins or stimulants, drugs etc, it is important to get adequate sleep and exercise.Being too underweight or overweight can affect your pregnancy causing birth complications and health issues for your baby. (KPB)

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