A Recap-Day 2 Hibiscus Health Caribbean Inc’s Women’s Health Medical Conference-Sunday Oct 29,2017


The Mount Restaurant, UWI-Sunday October 29, 2017

Midwives, nurses and members of the medical fraternity were given a rare opportunity to share information about their respective fields during Women’s Health Medical Conference.

The first session started with Washington D.C based physician and OBGYN, Dr. Cortney Yarbrough who gave her presentation on Adolescent Pregnancy and Perinatal Outcomes.She also spoke about increase risk of adverse perinatal outcomes in adolescents, how to prevent them as well as how to prevent teen pregnancy.  She noted some of the challenges faced by pregnant adolescent women from a societal and medical standpoint.  . These challenges included poor social and familial support, lack of breastfeeding, adverse effects to baby (preterm labour) and getting late or sporadic prenatal care (which can lead to not being treated for certain medical conditions at an early stage).

Dr. Yarbrough was followed by Dr. Gillian Birchwood, Paediatrician and her topic was on Group B Neonatal Sepsis.  The doctor gave a comprehensive and enlightening presentation on the latest statistics globally and locally on the subject. She also highlighted the best way of testing for diseases during 35 weeks of pregnancy by performing a vaginal-rectum swab for testing.  She advocated the importance of early testing and antibiotic treatment as the best ways to prevent complications for mother and baby during and after delivery.

Other presenters included Andrea Jordan, Midwife on Alternative Birthing positions, Dr. Tracy Archer OBGYN on Intrapartum foetal monitoring and Janelle Chase-Mayers who spoke about grief recovery and foetal loss and neonatal death.



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