Updates in Wound Care: A Systematic Approach


Update In Wound Care Flyer-01

Saturday, 4 November 2017

3W’s Pavilion, UWI, St. Michael

430pm- 830pm


To bring participants up to date on current evidence-based wound management and assessment of acute and chronic wounds, optimizing wound healing with effective wound-bed preparation, and selecting appropriate dressings. This CME will feature an interactive session exploring various solutions and treatment modalities in wound care.


Guest Speaker: Dr. Heikke Uustal, Physiatrist/ Wound Care Physician. JFK Medical Centre.


Time Topic Speaker
4.30-4.45 Current Situation: Wound Care in Barbados Veronica Webster, RN
Systematic Approach To Wound Care
4.45-5.30 Wound Healing Dr. Heikke Uustal, Physiatrist/ Wound Care Physician
5.30-5.50 Wound Assessment TBA
5.50-6.10 Negative Pressure Wound Therapy: QEH Method Dr. Selwyn Ferdinand, Surgeon
6.10-6.30 Debridement Techniques TBA
6.30-6.50 Dressing Selections Veronica Webster, RN
6.50-7.20 Offloading Techniques Dr. Heikke Uustal, Physiatrist/ Wound Care Physician
7.20-7.40 Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Prof. Timothy Roach
7.20-8.30 Interactive Session: Solutions and Healing: What really works? Panel


End of event – Cocktails

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