Dr. Dawn Alleyne: Profile of Guest Speaker at March 7 Event, Allergies, Asthma and Urticaria

Dr. Dawn Alleyne Profile

Dr. Dawn Alleyne is a Consultant Intensivist/Pulmonologist in the Department of Internal medicine and Head of Pulmonary subdivision, ​​​​Department of Internal medicine at Queen Elizabeth Hospital. She is also the head of the transfusion committee at the hospital.

She received her post graduate education in ​​Internal Medicine Residency at ​​​Newark Beth Israel Medical Center in Newark New Jersey and Pulmonary – Critical Care Fellowship, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, ​​​Montefiore Medical Center, New York.

Professionally, at QEH, she held several positions which include Head Officer at QEH to Senior Registrar in Department of Anesthesia. Also she has held roles at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center, New Jersey and Pebble Hospital in British Virgin Islands.

Dr. Alleyne has published a number of research articles which include Persistent Hyperreactivity and Reactive Airway Dysfunction in Firefighters at the World Trade Center published in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine Vol. 168. pp 54- 62 between 2001-2004. And Bronchial hyperreactivity and other inhalational lung injuries in rescue/recovery workers after the World trade center collapse published in the Journal of Critical Care Medicine in 2005.

At the University of West Indies, Dr. Alleyne is an Associate Lecturer in Faculty of Medicine. From 2004, she has conducted respiratory physiology tutorials for the post graduate Doctor of Medicine in Surgery program. Also she has delivered respiratory physiology lectures to medical students since 2008. In the following year, Dr. Alleyne became a facilitator for medical students tutorials on asthma to present.

The recipient of several scholarly awards, her most recent were Excellence in Teaching and Recognition as Outstanding Fellow of the Year award, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Montefiore Medical ​​Center Department of Medicine in 2003 and
​Montefiore Alumni & Staff Association Outstanding Housestaff of the Year award in 2004.









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