Profiles of Guest Speakers at Integrative Cancer Care -April 12




Health Psychology

Board Certified Specialist Oncology Nutrition

21st Century Oncology

Dr. Collins is originally from South Florida. She graduated from the University of Florida in 1982 with a degree in Biology and again in 1987 with her Master of Science in Human Nutrition.  Later, she joined the National Institute of Health Clinical Research Center.

In 2007 she graduated with her Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology after defending her research dissertation: “Hope, Coping Style, Quality of Life, Knowledge about Cancer and risk for Dietary Deficiency in Patients with Total Gastrectomy for Stomach Cancer.” She received honorable mention from The American Psychological Association for her research.


She is a registered dietitian with the National Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and is Board Certified in Oncology Nutrition. Currently she is employed with South Florida Radiation Oncology/ 21st Century Oncology where she engages in both individual and group clinical intervention with cancer patients in the fields of Health Psychology and Clinical Nutrition. Support groups under her facilitation include Breast Cancer Support Group, Prostate Cancer Support Group, Anti-cancer Lifestyle Workshop, Healthy Brain Workshop and Keep It Healthy- Fit and Flourish. In 2014, she presented “Dietary intake coping style and quality of life in patients undergoing radiation treatment” research performed with SFRO. As an adjunct professor at South University, she teaches Nutrition for pre-nursing students and a variety classes in the psychology department, including Health Psychology, Biological Psychology, Social Psychology, Personality Theory, Human Growth and Development, and Abnormal Psychology.




Registered Nurse, Multi-Disciplinary

Clinics and Tumor Boards

21st Century Oncology



Jennifer L. Wilson, Registered Nurse Multi-Disciplinary Clinics and Tumor Boards Jennifer Wilson is originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She graduated from Vanderbilt University in 1999 with a degree in Nursing.



Nurse Wilson has been an Oncology nurse for nineteen years. She joined the Oncology nursing society and became chemotherapy certified immediately after she was employed.  Ms. Wilson has held many honorable roles such as Director of Medical Oncology at Bethesda Hospital, Clinical Director of Radiation Oncology at Bethesda Memorial Hospital until 2003. Furthermore, she fostered the launch of an outpatient bone marrow stem cell transplant unit.

Currently, she is employed with South Florida Radiation Oncology/ 21st Century Oncology where she has successfully implemented multiple multi-disciplinary breast programs throughout Palm Beach County.  These programs have fostered a continuum of care for breast cancer patients while providing an advocate for their needs. Each program is designed and directed by Ms. Wilson. She has devised a
system that enables multi-specialists to collaborate and provide the best possible care for the patient. Patients are seen by a Medical Oncologist, Radiation Oncologist, Nutritionist and Psychologist.

Ms. Wilson also created a Breast Tumor board to review these cases with all of the physicians who participate in the multi-disciplinary clinic.  Additionally, there is a radiologist who reviews the imaging and a pathologist who reviews the pathology of each patient. The collaboration she has instituted within the company has provided a very optimistic and calming environment for the patients.

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