2018 Schedule of Events – Hibiscus Health Caribbean Inc.

Hibiscus Health Caribbean Inc.

2018 Schedule of Conferences/ Workshops/ Seminars


Month CME Event
April 12 Integrative Cancer Care: Exploring Nutrition & Other Treatment Modalities, 430pm – 845pm, 3 W’s Pavilion, UWI – Barbados
May 14 The Business of Health: Workplace Wellness to Improve Productivity,   Health and Reduce Health Care Costs 9AM-4PM, Solidarity House

(Host: Pharmawellness International)

May 19-20 Multidisciplinary Diabetes Conference, 9AM-4PM, Magdalena Golf Resort,  Tobago

(Host: Caribbean College of Family Physicians – Tobago)

May 31 Diabetes & Diabetic Foot, 5pm – 9pm, Diabetes Centre, Barbados,
June 6 Oscar Jordan Symposium, Medical Lecture, UWI, Barbados
June 7 Oscar Jordan Symposium, Public Lecture, Barbados
June 23-24 Sexual & Reproductive Health Conference, 9am-4pm, Savannah Hotel, Barbados

(Host: Barbados Family Planning Association)

June 30-July 1 Sports Medicine Conference: Staying in the Game – From Prevention to Performance, Savannah Hotel, Barbados

(Host: Barbados Sports Medicine Association)

July 15 Common Cardiovascular Complaints, 12pm-6pm – Barbados
Sep 9 Diabetes: Special Populations, Special Consideration, 12pm-6pm, UWI, Barbados
Sept 24-Oct 29 Chronic Disease Management Course (weekly) – Barbados
Sept 29-30 Annual Women’s Health Medical Conference, UWI  – Barbados
Sept TBA Orthopaedic Medicine Conference, Barbados
Sept TBA Nutrition & Obesity Seminar, Trinidad
October 27-28 Health Care Technology Conference, LESC – Barbados
Nov 13 Free Public Lecture, Diabetes Month, LESC, Barbados
Nov 24-25 Gender-Based Violence & Sexual and Reproductive Health  Conference – Barbados

(Host: Barbados Family Planning, BPW Barbados)


Some dates are subject to change and additional events may be added.

CPE Credit is awarded at all events (except Public Lectures).



More Information:

Hibiscus Health Caribbean Inc.

Weston, St. James, Barbados



Tel: 269-6183; 253-9384


Event Info & Registration

www.hibiscushealthcaribbeanevents.eventbrite.com or



Event Payment:

www. Ticketpal.com

Barbados Ticketpal Locations:

A&B Music Supplies – Sheraton Centre, Christ Church

Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre, St. Michael

Hugo Boss Boutique, Limegrove, St. James


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