Paediatric Health Seminar & Workshop – 15 Sept 2019

Paediatric Health Seminar & Workshop

Sunday, 15 September 2019, 10:00AM-5:00PM

3 W’s Pavilion, UWI, Cave Hill, St. Michael

Children represent the wealth of tomorrow’s society and nation. From nutrition to asthma to mental health, these issues all play an important role in the child’s proper health and development. This seminar is designed to highlight some of the current issues in paediatric health today. Topics will explore mental health issues, antibiotic use, speech, child safety and more, delivered by a mixture of local paediatricians, mental health professionals, dietitians, nurses and other specialists. Special workshops on nutrition and asthma will be featured. All health professionals are welcomed. CPE credit is available.

Draft Programme

Time Topic Speakers
10:00 Opening Remarks Dr. Angela Jennings, Paediatrician
10:05-10.35 Recognising the Ill Child Dr. Kandamaran Krishnamurthy, Paediatrician
10.35-11.05 Vaccine Hesitancy Dr. Karen Broome, Senior Medical Officer of Health
11.05-11.35 Common Paediatric Orthoapaedic Problems Dr. Tamara Nancoo, Orthopaedic Surgeon


11.35-11.45- COFFEE BREAK
11.45-12.15 Judicious Use of Anti-biotics/ Anti-biotic Stewardship in Paediatrics TBA
12.15-1.00 Nutrition Workshop

–       Underweight Child

–       Overweight Child

–       Picky Eater

–       Weaning

–       -Cases

Stacia Whittaker, Registered Dietitian
1.00-2.00 LUNCH
2.00-2.35 Child Abuse Protocols:

– SCAN- Suspected Child Abuse & Neglect

– Role of the HCP

– Increasing Surveillance & Sensitization


Dr. Sophia King, Paediatrician
2.35-3.05 Child Safety Practices: choking, car seats and other hazards Dr. Michelle Lashley, Paediatrician
3.05-3.35 The Child Who is Not Speaking Well Ms. Cheryl Mapp, Speech Language Pathologist
3.35-3.45 COFFEE BREAK  
3.45-4.15 Mental Health: Poor School Performance – When Do You Need to Refer? Dr. Elizabeth Rochester, Psychiatrist
4.15-5.00 Asthma Workshop:

–       Proper Diagnosis

–       Inhaler Use

–       Protocols

–       Cases

Dr. Angela Jennings, Paediatrician & Team


$160 – Physicians

$110 – Nurses & Allied Health

$65 – Students


A & B Music Supplies, Sheraton Centre, Christ Church

Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre, St. Michael

Origin Boutique, Limegrove, St. Jmaes

Payment Pick-Up: 253-9384 (Nicole)

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