Dr. Paul Rouse BFPA’s Sexual and Reproductive Health Conference Sunday November 24, 2019

Dr. Paul Rouse

Topic: Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
Dr Paul Rouse commenced his early education and medical training in Barbados and Trinidad before going to the United Kingdom where he completed his specialist training in urology. He has a Masters in Urology and has passed intercollegiate exams in Urology. He is a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons England.

Dr Rouse has published many articles and made several presentations on the international medical arena in Urology.

Dr Rouse has a special interest include:

Management of LUTs/BPH
Prostate cancer diagnosis
Surgical management of prostate cancer
Kidney cancer
Bladder cancer
Laparoscopic/Robotic surgery.

Dr Rouse has considerable urology experience. He has worked as a SpecialityRegistrar and a Consultant Urologist at various NHS trusts across the UK, his most recent posting as a Consultant Urologist at Eastbourne District General Hospital and Royal Berkshire in the UK.

Dr Rouse was a Barbados scholar and is ever grateful to Barbados for his education. He was always determined to return to home to use the knowledge and experience he has gained to provide evidenced-based, patient centredone-stop care to the people of Barbados. He now looks forward to working with patients and medical colleagues to continue to provide a high standard of urological care to female, male and children patients entrusted to his care.

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