November CMEs!

What a year! Covid-19 has changed EVERYTHING but Hibiscus Health Caribbean Inc. has managed to put together a few events with our partners. We hope you can join us in November, get your CME credits and learn something to make your pratice and your patients even better!

On November 15, 2020 from 9.30am to 1.00pm we will be hosting an “Introduction to Insulin Workshop” with a focus on “Safe Use and Management.” This will be a face-to-face event at the 3Ws Pavilion, UWI, St. Michael and all Covid-19 protocols will be enforced. The seating will be at individual desks and each person will have their own desk space to safely engage at the workshop. This event is being done in collaboration with the Barbados Diabetes Foundation. The cost is BDS$60.00.

Students are BDS$30.00

The Annual Oscar Jordan Medical Symposium

On November 19, 2020, 6.30pm the Barbados Diabetes Foundation will be hosting the Annual Oscar Jordan Medical Symposium.

Since 2017, the BDF has partnered with the University of the West Indies to honour
the legacy of the late Dr. Oscar Jordan, Chairman and co-founder of the Barbados Diabetes Foundation, via a medical symposium focusing on various aspects of diabetes.

Persons living with diabetes have the highest risk of developing cardiovascular
disease including myocardial infarction, heart failure, arrhythmias and strokes. We
also know that silent myocardial ischemia and infarctions are also common in this
population of patients. Aggressive control of diabetes is key to avoiding or delaying
the onset of cardiovascular disease, however active screening in select group of
patients as recommended by the American Diabetes Association is also paramount
and will reduce the morbidity and mortality associated with cardiovascular disease. 
Consultant Cardiologist Dr. Remi Soyombo is the featured speaker of the Oscar Jordan
Medical Symposium and will explore this topic in more depth as she presents on
“The Diabetic Heart”. This is a FREE virtual event and registration is required.

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The Diabetic Limb Loss Crisis

The Diabetic Limb Loss Crisis

Sunday, 22 November 2020

4pm – 6pm


The prevalence of diabetes mellitus is increasing at an alarming rate across the Caribbean. The presence of hyperglycemia, neuropathy, angiopathy, and immune paresis predispose these patients to infections of the lower limbs.

Foot infections are the number one cause of hospital admission to the surgical floors in Caribbean public hospitals and of amputations which frequently result in mortality.

This interactive CME focuses on educating the HCP on proper screening and management of diabetic foot.

Topics: The high risk patient, diabetic infections, chronic diabetic wounds, vascular problems in the diabetic patient, charcot foot disease, foot sreening in the GP office & more.

Presenters: Dr. Steven Wells, Podiatric Surgeon (USA); Dr. Duane Hall, Wound Surgeon (USA); Dr. Nixon, Diabetologist/ Internist (USA).

Cost: BDS$50.00 (USD$25.00)

Students are $25.00 (USD $13.00)

Payment pick-up (Barbados): 246-253-9384



Hypertension 101 for Health Care Practitioner Hosted by: Heart and Stroke Foundation of Barbados

Date: Sunday, 29 November 2020 Time: 3pm- 6pm Zoom – ONLINE EVENT CME credit available.

Hypertension is one of the main risk factors for the development of cardiovascular diseases, such as Ischemic heart disease and stroke, the 2 top causes of death and Barbados and worldwide. Yet, multiple studies consistently show that BP is under-diagnosed and under-treated. This webinar focuses on management of hypertension, from diagnosis, to lifestyle modification, to drug therapy.

Topics include: Protocols for BP Management, Guidelines, Case Studies, Motivational Interviewing, Dietary Management, Exercise & more.

Target: General Practitioners, Nurses, other Health Professionals

Presenters: Dr. Dawn Scantlebury, Interventional Cardiologist; Dr. Arianne Harvey, Internist; Dr. Kenneth Connell, Internist/ HTN Specialist.

Cost: $60.00 (USD$30.00)

Students are $30.00 (USD 15.00)

Registration confirmed on payment.

Payment pick-up Barbados: 253-9384 Nicole (call or whatsapp)

Online payment:

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