Cancer: A Look at Prostate and Lung

Sunday, 6 November 2022

3pm – 6pm

Shell Suite, UWI

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths worldwide.

Prostate Cancer ranges from Stage 1 to 4 from localed to metastatic. This CME explores the options in the later stages and examines various treatments. Surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and targeted therapy are some of the treatment options for lung cancer depending on the type and the stage. This CME explores the various options looking at new therapies, increasing the longevity of patients. Learn more about prostate and lung cancer with Dr. Anesa Ahamad and a local speaker accompanied by Dr. Ian Lewis, host. 

CPE Credits: ~ 4

BDS$80 – all health care professionals. 

BDS$50 – medical and nursing students 
Registration confirmed on payment.

Register: or email us at or call or text 246-269-6183.


Bank transfer: Scotiabank 36285-459256

Payment pick up: 246-269-6183 – Marrianne 

Contact us at:;

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