Multidisciplinary Diabetes Conference Tobago

Multidisciplinary Diabetes Conference

“Multidisciplinary Diabetes Care: Raising the Standard, Transforming the Culture”

May 19-20, 2018

Magdalena Grand Beach & Golf Resort, Tobago

The Caribbean College of Family Physicians (Tobago Chapter) in association with Hibiscus Health Caribbean Inc. invites your support of the upcoming CME “Multidisciplinary Diabetes Care: Raising the Standard, Transforming the Culture” to be held on May 19-20, 2018 at the Magdalena Resort, Tobago.

Multidisciplinary diabetes care is a team approach to providing diabetes support, education and intervention. This CME highlights the role of multidisciplinary diabetes care in improving the standard of care and enhancing current treatment modalities. It will look at the central role of the GP in multidisciplinary care and place special emphasis on the “Caribbean Limb Crisis” addressing the problems and complexities of the diabetic foot. It is designed to not only inform but to empower, giving physicians, nurses and allied health professionals the tools they need to mitigate the effects of diabetes.

Local, regional and international speakers will provide updates to on current international guidelines and new evidence-based treatments for various aspects of Diabetes care in a series of lectures, interactive sessions and workshops. Topics include Peripheral Vascular Disease, Diabetic Foot Infections & Complications, Wound Care & Assessment, Insulin Therapy, Nutrition, Nursing in Diabetes Care and more.

The CCFP Tobago Chapter invites sponsors, speakers, participants and stakeholders to join us for our first Multidisciplinary Diabetes Conference as we seek to raise the bar and transform the culture of diabetes in Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean beyond.


Dr. Maxwell Adeyemi

President CCFP – Tobago Chapter

Programme Information

“Multidisciplinary Diabetes Care: Raising the Standard, Transforming the Culture”


Aims & Objectives:

  • Provide updates on current guidelines & new evidence-based treatment modalities for various aspects of Diabetes care
  • Familiarize GPs with Diabetic Foot Pathology
  • Demonstrate the importance of the role of the GP in multidisciplinary care
  • Give the GP a greater understanding of the scope of the Caribbean Limb Crisis
  • Address the problem & complexity of Diabetic Foot Infections


Conference Design:

Mixture of lectures, interactive sessions and workshops.

Guest Speakers:

  • Steven Wells, Podiatric Surgeon, USA
  • Lawrence B. Harkless, Podiatric Physician, USA
  • Simone McConnie, Podiatrist, Barbados
  • Helen Charlebois, RD/ Obesity Expert, Canada
  • Others to be announced



Topics include:

  1. Peripheral Vascular Disease
  2. The Diabetic & Ischemic Foot for GPs/ Spotting the Signs of the Ischemic Foot
  3. Addressing the problems and complexities of diabetic foot infections
  4. The specialist’s guide to diabetic pathology in the lower extremity
  5. The foot and ankle surgeon’s guide to spotting amputation risks in Trinidad & Tobago
  6. Diabetic foot complications: how huge is the problem
  7. Pathogenesis of diabetic foot ulcers
  8. Ulcer classification and staging
  9. Foot wear for at-risk feet; offloading
  10. The Multidisciplinary team approach to diabetes care/ diabetes foot care or Managing Diabetes Through the Diabetic Foot
  11. New innovations in Diabetes Care
  12. Misconceptions in insulin therapy
  13. Early insulin-therapy for better glycaemic control and prevention of complications
  14. Diet and implications for chronic lifestyle diseases
  15. Self-glucose-monitoring: diabetes self-care
  16. Herbs, alternative medicine and modern medicine in Diabetes Care
  17. Public health burden of the diabetes epidemic

Panel Discussions:

  • The interest of the GPs in the Foot

Workshops/ Special Sessions

  • The Process of Assessing the Diabetic Foot
  • 3-minute Diabetic Assessment for the GP
  • Basic Wound Care & Assessment
  • Dressings
  • Insulin Workshop
  • Nursing in Diabetes Care
  • Obesity and Diabetes


Magdalena Grand Resorts

US$170 per night Double/ Single Occupancy



Pre-register/ RSVP:

US$200 per day – Physicians

US$100 per day – Nurses & Allied Health Professionals




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