Medical Nutrition Therapy – April 2 – Final Agenda

Hibiscus Health Caribbean & The Barbados Diabetes Foundation presents:

Medical Nutrition Therapy: Updates in Diabetes, Chronic Diabetic Wounds & Cancer

Tuesday, 2 April 2019, 500pm – 10.00pm

Bagnall Point, Pelican Village, St. Michael

Cost: BDS$60 – All Participants; Students: $40

Guest Presenters: Dr. Long Wang, Physician/ Registered Dietitian, California State University & Dr. Cheryl Rock, Food Scientist, California State University

CPE Credit Available

Medical nutrition therapy is now regarded as a pillar in the prevention and management of several chronic medical conditions. A sound understanding and application of nutrition principles is critical in the management of diabetes and diabetic foot ulceration. Cancer and cancer therapies can wreak havoc on the constitution of the patient, and nutrition plays a pivotal role in prevention, treatment and recovery. Join us as we explore the pathophysiological basis and latest updates in medical nutrition therapy in relation to diabetes, diabetic foot ulceration and cancer. Physicians, nurses, nutrition professionals, allied health professionals, students and those with a specific interest are welcomed. CPE credit is available.


Time Topic Speaker
5.00 Opening Remarks Chairperson
5.05 Macro & Micronutrients and Impact on Health in 2019: A Practical Perspective Dr. Diane Brathwaite, Diabetologist
5.20 Practical Assessment of Nutritional Status Victoria Cox, RD
5.40 Formulating, Developing and Marketing Food for Diabetics Dr. Cheryl Rock, Food Scientist
6.25 Updates & New Trends in Nutrition & Diabetes Dr. Long Wang, RD/ Physician
7.00 Discussion  
7.10 Break  
7.30 The Chronic Wound Microenvironment & It’s Impact Toni Pickering, Podiatrist
7.50 Medical Nutrition Therapy in Chronic Wounds Dr. Long Wang, RD/ Physician
8.25 Impact of Cancer & Cancer Treatments on the Human Body Dr. Tanya Sargeant, GP
8.45 Functional Nutrition & Cancer Dr. Cheryl Rock, Food Scientist
9.25 Medical Nutrition Therapy in Cancer Dr. Long Wang, RD/ Physician
10.00 End of Event Chairperson


About the Guest Speakers:

Dr. Long Wang received his medical degrees from Hebei Medical University with a focus on radiation oncology. He holds a PhD in nutrition from Purdue University and conducted postdoctoral research at University of California, Davis Medical Center before becoming a professor. Currently, Dr. Wang works in the nutrition and dietetics program at California State University, Long Beach. Dr. Wang is a registered dietitian/nutritionist (RDN) and is actively involved in the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Dr. Cheryl Rock is a Barbadian Food Scientist and Assistant Professor & Food Science Club Advisor at California State University. Her areas of Specialization & Research include: Ethical Dilemmas in Food Science and Technology, Food Product Development, Food Processing, Food Engineering and Novel Processing Technologies, Sustainable aspects of Food Science and Technology, Nutritional Biochemistry and Carcinogenesis, Functional Foods.




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Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre, St. Michael

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A & B Music Supplies, Sheraton Mall, Christ Church

Payment pick-up: 253-9384 (text or whatsapp)

Queries:; 269-6193/ 253-9384


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