Women’s Health Medical Conference – Updated Agenda!


Women’s Health Medical Conference – Saturday, 12 Sept 2015

@ 3 W’s Oval, UWI, St. Michael, 9AM-5PM

A potpourri of topics designed to address common women’s issues in both the GP practice and the Specialist Practice giving doctors and allied health professionals greater insight to address these issues, be aware of treatment options, prescribe appropriately, work with a multidisciplinary team and refer. Prevention and risk minimization for various disorders will be of special focus.


Conference Chairperson: Dr. Vikash Chatrani, Gynae-Oncologist


Draft Agenda:

  1. Diabetes in Pregnancy, – Dr. Garth McIntyre, Gynaecologist
  2. Post-Partum Psychosis, Not To Be Forgotten – Dr. Nya Maughn, Psychiatrist
  3. Women’s Health Physiotherapy – Phyllis Burnett, Physiotherapist
  4. Sexual Dysfunction in Women – Carlisle Goddard, Endocrinologist
  5. HPV – A Primary Screening Test – Vikash Chatrani, Gynae-Oncologist
  6. Treatment Options for Uterine Fibroids – Nicole Durham, Gynaecologist
  7. Fertility 101 : Key Facts to Help You Guide Your Patients Correctly – Juliet Skinner, Gynaecologist/ Fertility Specialist
  8. Exercise as Medicine – Minimizing Risk V. Rene Best, Sports Medicine Specialist
  9. Occupational Hazards for Women & – Perspectives from the Occupational Therapist – Lennox Rochester, Occupational Therapist
  10. Screening Guidelines for Women for Common Chronic Conditions Joanne Paul, Charles, Family Physician
  11. Gastrointestinal Issues in Women Erica Springer, Gastroenterologist
  12. A National Approach to Good Breast Feeding Practice– Nurse Vicki Blackman
  13. Exploring Menopause – Multidisciplinary Panel Discussion

Registration: Physician BDS$100; Allied Health: BDS$80.00

 ~Coffee Break & Lunch provided~

www.hibiscushealthcaribbean.com ● hhccmeevents@gmail.com;

269 6183; 253-9384


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