Featured Health Associations and the Sept 19 event “No More Sugar Coating”

Heart and Stroke Foundation

The Foundation’s Mission

Developing a broad scientific and medical programme in the field of heart disease and stroke designed to seek new knowledge, disseminate new and existing knowledge and apply it for the benefit of persons suffering from these diseases.
Engaging in a nation wide programme of public education and awareness to inform people regarding the importance of heart disease and stroke as a problem and what can be done to prevent or control them.
Developing a nation wide organisation through which these purposes may be realised.
Securing the funds needed to finance the Foundation’s programmes and operations by appropriate methods.


Diabetes Association of Barbados

The Diabetes Association of Barbados was founded in April 1975 by the Late Mr. John Grace, Mr. Hugh Mapp, Mrs. Dorothy Talma-Monteil, Mr. Don Norville and Mr. Wilfred Ferguson. At the time, they recognized that literature was available for free distribution; however, persons suffering with Diabetes were not receiving the necessary attention or guidance for their illness.

The Association has had a number of presidents during its existence. Mr. John Grace was the first President, followed by many others over the years including Mr. Hugh Mapp, Mr. Don Norville, Dr. Livi Forde and Sir Cliviston King. The current president is Mrs Noreen Merritt. All of these persons as well as the many volunteers have provided valuable service not only to the Association, but to persons living with Diabetes.


The Barbados Diabetes Foundation

On February 1st, The Barbados Diabetes Foundation (BDF), registered charity #484 established in 2001, achieved a significant milestone.

The Maria Holder Diabetes Centre for the Caribbean has a clinic and a multidisciplinary team consisting of podiatrists, internal medicine and diabetes specialists, diabetes specialist nurses and nutritionists as a basic clinic team with available consultations from Ophthalmologists, psychologists, intervention radiologists, nephrologists, and vascular surgeons.


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