Profile: Professor Michael J Bullard Guest Speaker at CEMA Emergency Medicine Conference September 16



Dr. Michael J. Bullard



IMG_0780Michael J Bullard, M.D., CCFP(EM), ABEM, FRCPC Brief Bio

Dr. Michael Bullard graduated from the University of Alberta in 1972. He trained and worked in Canada, the UK, and South Africa from 1972-1977; then as a full time emergency physician in Calgary. From 1989-1998 he worked as a consultant in Taiwan establishing a training program and helped develop emergency medicine (EM) as the 17th primary specialty. This was the impetus for his engagement in evidence-based medicine (EBM) and clinical informatics as there was a rapidly identified need for data to combat outside attacks from other specialties questioning the competence of the new specialty. To that end, he led a small design and programming team to build an ED Information System with clinical decision support, that has since been replaced by a redesigned EDIS creating a paper free environment since 2009.

Dr. Bullard returned to the U of A in 1998 where he is a Professor and Director of Emergency Medical Informatics in the Department of Emergency Medicine (DEM). Along with other members of the DEM research group he has developed electronic clinical decision support tools for triage (eTRIAGE) and clinical care (eCPG). He has been Co-Chair and an active member of the Canadian Triage and Acuity Scale National Working Group (CTAS NWG) since 2001 and leads International collaborations for the adoption and implementation of CTAS. Primary research interests include triage, development, implementation, dissemination and evaluation of evidence-based electronic clinical decision electronic decision support tools. His publications include 107 peer reviewed journal articles, 2 book chapters, 4 educational manuals, and 121 peer reviewed abstracts.

Dr. Bullard lives in Edmonton with his wife Nancy. Their two oldest children Fiona and Simon live and work in China, while their youngest daughter Sabina lives and works in Vancouver.

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