Meet The Speaker-Asthma Workshop Part 2-Paediatric Asthma

Dr. José Pablo Gutiérrez Schwanhauser

Pulmonologist (GSK)

Event: Asthma Workshop 2-Paediatric Asthma

Date:Sunday, October 3, 2021

Venue:Zoom Platform

A distinguished medical professional, Dr. José Pablo Gutiérrez Schwanhauser is the Head of Pneumology Service at the National Children’s Hospital in San José, Costa Rica for the past twenty-five years. During his employment at the medical facility, he filled the role of Head of Therapy since 1998 and worked as Head of Paediatric from 1990-1992. He has taught at CENDEISSS San José, Costa Rica from Resident professor since 2000. Dr.Gutiérrez Schwanhauser holds three Master’s degrees in Public Health, Health and Medicine Economics, Paediatrics, Paediatric Pneumology and Paediatric General.
He has conducted research in the area of asthma with his most recent work, SAKURA AZ Study, Symbicort (for asthma in adolescents and adults) – Phase III 2008 to date and Novartis Study – MENACWY Conjugate Vaccine to be administered with routine childhood vaccines in healthy infants- Phase III October 2009 to present.

His topic at the Asthma Workshop, Part 2- Paediatric Asthma on Sunday, October 3, 2021 is “What not to do in Asthma”?

Ticket and Registration Info

BDS$75.00/ USD$37.50 – Health professional
BDS$50.00/ USD$25.00 – Student (with ID)
Registration Asthma Workshop 2:
Or email
Or Call or WhatsApp 246-269-6183/ 246-253-9384
Payment pick up (Barbados only) – add BDS$5.00
Call or text 246-253-9384
Bank to Bank transfer
More details:

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